Providing For Needs, Simplifying Desires: Sufism Life Practice in Response to the Increasingly Critical Decline in the Earth's Carrying Capacity

  • Faza Aulia Fatimatuzzahro' UIN Walisongo Semarang
  • Reynald Liasta Mahendra uin walisongo semarang
  • Nadia Rufaida
  • Ahmad Fauzan Hidayatullah
Keywords: Life Practice, Sufism, Carrying Capacity of The Earth, Environmental Sustainability, Human Activities.


In the current conditions, where the carrying capacity of the earth is increasingly threatened by human activities, Sufism life practice is emerging as an attractive alternative response. With a focus on sufficiency and simplification of desires, the principles of Sufism offer a relevant view in addressing the increasingly critical decline in the earth's carrying capacity. The concept of the earth's carrying capacity refers to the earth's ability to provide natural resources and absorb waste in a sustainable manner. The increasing criticality of these indicators suggests that the earth may no longer be able to sustain human life and ecosystems sustainably if no action is taken to change human patterns of behavior and policies. Awareness of the importance of environmental sustainability is increasing as humans are increasingly aware of the negative impact of their activities on the environment. This encourages efforts to reduce the human ecological footprint through environmentally friendly practices and more sustainable policies. This article aims to explore the concept of Sufism life practice as a form of response to environmental challenges faced today. With due regard to the urgency of environmental protection, faced at this time. Taking into account the urgency of environmental protection, this article discusses how fulfilling needs and simplifying desires can be an effective first step in maintaining the sustainability of our earth. It is hoped that through this research, new views will be opened on the importance of integrating Sufism values in an effort to preserve the earth as a common home for mankind. This research uses a literature study approach with data sources and information obtained referring to literacy materials for journal articles, research results, and scientific theories relevant to the topic. Data collection techniques use information review and document analysis.


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Fatimatuzzahro’, F., Mahendra, R., Rufaida, N., & Hidayatullah, A. (2024). Providing For Needs, Simplifying Desires: Sufism Life Practice in Response to the Increasingly Critical Decline in the Earth’s Carrying Capacity. FALASIFA : Jurnal Studi Keislaman, 15(1), 24-32.